Púlvinus, Desisla, Pearl, and The Arrival, Everywhere, are different versions of etchings of the same story. The original images were done in clay, in 1998-2000 while living in the Island Garden, and leaving it. 'Púlvinus' is the botanical term given to the 'cushion' at the base of a leaf responsible for its rotation towards the light. 'Desisla' because of the desire to leave an Island, seek self-knowledge. 'Pearl' desiring to make something beautiful, positive, of painful experiences, by understanding them. 'Arrival, Everywhere' finally understanding the lives lived in different places geographically and psychologically [with the feeling of being divided, as love remained in different continents.] Arrival contains images from the island, leaving, the passage, the arrival, the woman divided, the integration, and the open woman.

The book done in 2005-6 measures 32.5cm x 36.5cm
Images 23cm x 20.5cm

Images contributing to the overlays

Desiring a heart which does not desire
Swimming innocence and eyes that look from the jungle
Calmly entering the jungle of herself
The flowery archway [of illusions]
La Velera and oyster at mercy of winds and tides
Leaving the island
'We are an archway, a strong support'
'Our bodies are an archway'
The altar, shrine and tomb
Cutting attachments
Going through the fear of oneself
Acts of courage go by unnoticed
Sailing, this time on divided light, the spectrum
The arrival
The divided woman
The woman earth
The restorer
The pilgrim's scallop finds the other half
Union and explosion