Song of the Earth


If the dark shape is the void, fullness, potential, mystery, emotion unclarified, unspoken, the interior of a pearl, the source, of all colour, of the dream; and if the edge is the word, the scream, light, time, the slow bang with which creation began, life and activity, expression, towards liberation, eventually of matter in our reaching for, light? so isn't all this and us in it, Earth's evolution? her song? in harmony? and disharmony? like the contemporary music of our cut up lives?

Troubled I asked Dr. Gabor Maté if greed and the capital sins were the result of an adverse childhood and he responded:

The worse a person feels about themselves internally,
the more they try to compensate by achieving, attaining, possessing, controlling.
The emptier we feel,
the more we try to fill ourselves up with externals status, wealth, power.
The more we loathe ourselves,
the more we tend to hate others.
So, the answer is very much yes.

And then I said to him that I felt a great release! because there is no blame, and he said that the more we can let go of blame, and self-blame, the more we can take responsibility; and continuing our conversation he said, "I think humans have potential not just for illness, but also for healing; not just for evil, but for great good. So no matter how bad it looks, the potential for healing--the Earth, ourselves, is always there".

And then I knew that this was what the Earth wanted me to say, through him, as this conversation began the day I was writing the text for these etchings and had the thought: 'Who am I to know the Song of the Earth?!'.

Size of Book 50 x 35 cm., and 4 etchings 34.5 x 24.5, 31 x 25, 33 x 25, 30 x 26 cm.

List of plates contribuiting

The void, the scream, the light
Men who are entrances
Man who is wall
The destitute
Steps of culture
The Garden
The man cut jungle the virgin forest
Song of the Earth
The veiled woman, the womb of pain
The pilgrims scallop his search for wholeness
Parade of man
Souls circling
Ancestors and descendents smile
The pearl maker